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How To Copy Or Burn To CD, DVD and Blu Ray Wiki 

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Learn Tips N Tricks On How To Burn Songs Pictures and Movies  For Different Operating Systems On CD DVD and Blu Ray

This page will provide you information on how to copy or burn multimedia to CD, DVD and Blu Ray for the three well known OS, (Windows, Linux, Mac).  There are so many different ways to and types of media already, you have to ask yourself what else do 'they' have in the backroom just waiting to be placed onto the shelves for us consumers.  

There are typically three types of media known today.   CDs, DVDs and Blu Ray.  Some people write

blu ray
ray blu
blue ray

but in the end it is the same media we are all speaking of.  The correct way of writing it is "blu-ray".  Anyways, CD's are typically used for music (unless you use a  USB key or an iphone, ipod , windows 7 phone or an android phone.)  They are essentially one of the best and easiest ways to back up things and have them stored in archive.  The links below will conveniently open a new tab for each software.

The best known FREE software for Windows are the following:

CD Burner XP
BurnAware Free
Nero - Commercial product however it is VERY GOOD!

When it comes to burning and ripping CDs & DVDs, the best program known for Linux are:

k3b : it WILL do EVERYTHING for YOU.  It is normally installed on popular Linux operating systems.