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Which CPU Should You Use For Your PC or Laptop

This page will explain how to build a computer and all the computer parts required when contructing a computer.  If you want to save cash,  you will want the all-in-one basic motherboard, that has the video card and audio card  as part of the motherboard.   If you can afford a bit more cash, purchasing a seperate video card and  audio card will ultimately improve performance.  

It is equally important to consider the type of operating system you intend to use.  The hardware that you choose will either enable you or break you.  Ensure the parts you use are compatible for the operating system.

In order to build a computer correctly, you will need some equipment first.  This ussually consists of a screw driver (phillips design - both long and short, big and small) as well as the hardware listed below.  

The shell or computer casing is the equivalent to the human body's skin.  It is what will carry the guts inside the computer.  It is what will hold the architechture together as one unit.

The cpu (central processing unit) is the main part of the brain of the computer.  

The motherboard is the central nervous system equivalent within in the computer's architechture.  

The memory is well, the memory

In order to play or create musical cd's or media carrying video or backing up data, you need to be able to have some sort of  hard ware to do so.  This is where CDs, DVDs and Blue Ray comes into the picture.

Hard drives (hd), is considered the 'long term' memeory in the computer.  

Video card is what would be considered the quality of your glasses.  What you see can either be in EGA, VGA, SVG or HD (High defeinition).  

The power supply is the ticker (your heart ) equivalent within the computer.  It is always recommended that you go for at least 500W is you want a good  power supply that will last a very long time.  This way if you have any intensions of upgrading in the future you can do so without any problems arisisng. The more devices you have, the higher your power supply will have to be.  

Then comes your screen.  You have a choice of LCDs or CRTs.    LCDs are commonly used today due to their low price and low voltage consumption.  They also take up less room and have great 'sexy appeal'!

Of course, you have the computer accessories ( mouse and keyboard ).  Mice, are really cheap today and you can get a really good wireless mouse for about $50.00 CAN.  quality keyboards come in at about $25.00 CAN.  

Other things to consider are sd card readers and  usb port pci cards.   However, do not be to hasty to getting these things.  Sometimes, if you are doing an upgrade on a system, some of these computers may have these already.  

Other options are Zip drives and floppy drives.  With the emerging external drives and portable drives, the zip drive is becoming something of the past. In todays fast paste life, it would make sense to acquire one of these external pocket sized drives.  If you need security, then backing it up on Zip drives could be more useful.   If your system doesn't carry one of these already, it is because it is outdated, like the floppy drives, both 5 1/4  and the 3 1/2 disks,    

If you are experiencing some errors when turning on your system or even booting up after the installation of a windows operating system, you can look at our Computer Error page for more help.

Typical Operating Systems

Now you need to have an operating sytstem installed.  Their are three main types to choose from. Windows is the most known today. Currently, thy have serval different types of Windows 7 to choose from to use.  You make the choice on what you want based on your needs and the depth of your pockets.  There are so many who want Windows 7, but just come into the store, look at the price, frown, and then leave.  

Mac OS is making some head way on the market for its stability and easy to use interface. They have one version of their operating system.  

 Linux, older than Mac OS and much older than Windows, comes in a vairety of flavors and is FREE.  Linux is becoming the NEW #1 Choice for desktop operating system.  Reason for this due to the software being FREE as well as the stability and security in Linux.     

The Most Sought Out Drivers

You will ultimately require drivers for your computer and the parts you purchased should have been accompanied with drivers stored on a CD.  If you are redoing someone's else's computer or laptop or an old one you would like to bring back to life, then you will undoubtedly require the correct drivers. And ofcourse, we have just the driver download link for that!