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Learn The Secrets On How To Recover Data From A Hard Drive 

Is your computer not booting up and you still have sensitive data you need from your hard drive?  Have you ever lost data from your hard drive that you need to undelete?  This page will explain to you in depth the numerous ways on just how to recover your data from a damaged or problematic hard drive.  

It is quite common to see this issue arise from time to time.  Many of us using a laptop, ipod, android, or even iphone or windows phone, at some time need to transfer data from our device (usb or some other external drive), to our laptop or pc. To do this is quite easy providing you use the right tools to transfer data across between devices.  However, what happens when your back up hard drive or your data's destination has met it's own final destination.  What NOW???

There is still a chance you can still retrieve your data despite the system being incapable of booting up!  Surprised... dont be.  This knowledge many pay BIG for and is no known secret, at least amongst those who know how to retrieve it.  You can always retrieve data from any device and we will show you how with the three main operating systems used today, Linux, Windows and MAC OS X.

So let us start our discussion...

There are possible MANY other ways to have this done, but just know that if you want to have this done for FREE, the best way to retrieve data from a system that no longer boots up is to either use another Windows , Linux or MAC OS X operating system that boots up and that you can connect the inoperable hard drive to.   If you do not have another computer (say you only have a windows laptop that will not boot and you desperately need your data), you STILL CAN RETRIEVE YOUR DATA!  

Our way of doing this is simple and quite easy and won't cost you any heart ache or worry!  What is the thing that COULD HAPPEN?  You guest it....  !  Your hard drive just does not draw power and therefore does not spin and then you are really at the mercy of the hard drive's manufacturer or some third party to assist you.  But if you hear that hard drive spinning even though your system will not boot, there is ALWAYS a possiblity that you can get back your data!  Also know it is very safe where it is because no one can boot up your system and tamper with your files! :-)