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Copying Hard Drives and Converting Media Files For Your Computer or Laptop

Installing an Operating System For Your Computer  or Laptop

Apple - Mac OS

Microsoft Windows

Increasing Your Memory In Microsoft Windows 7 Using A Simple USB Key

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DIY Computer

There are so many things that can be done today with the motherboard (the respitorial system) of computer systems today.  It is truly amazing to see how we can  have certain things accomplished in such little time with a bunch of memory cards, a screen, mice, keyboard, hard drive, power supply all attached to the motherboard.  

However, there are a few 'extra' things we all must do to protect our investment as well as knowing some tips n tricks on how to use it!   It isn't easy to see yourself having to dish out another great sum of money to fix your newly purchased system.   The best thing to do is to be pro-active and take extra measure to protect your 'work horse'. If you are on a trip or studying within another coutry and all you have is yourself and an internet connection, you will find this site helpfull for fixing or solving everyday related issues with your computer or laptop.

NOTE: If YOU are INVOLVED in ANY of the following actions:

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going on line on the net with your computer
NEW  making money online
playing games on line
using windows
computer help desk
e-learning or online courses
online chat
using linux
creating a web site
using ms office
using mac os
using windows 7
going virtual
using ubuntu
using a (mri) magnetic resonance imaging viewer
 watching online movies or playing free movies
having problems with your internet
doing online banking

...then you should be looking at this site! We have provided you with some of the most sought after information that many ussually pay computer technicians to do!

To your left, are some topics that we are always contstantly updating and adding more topics to the list.  There are so many, but we will try to keep you ahead of the game !