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How To Create A Web Site Page With HTML Wiki    

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Learn How To Design A Web Site Page The Right Way And Build It Right The First Time

This page will point out vital quick points on how to create a website. Creating a website is all dependant on the author, their intent and audience.  Creating a website is very easy today and it is not entirely dependent upon the operating system you use, but the application or tools in which you build your website.

Steps To Follow When Creating a WebSite:
  • Select a website hosting company at a very low price. 
  • Choose a domain name that closely reflects what your site will be  ( will be about hamburgers.)
  • Know what service or product you wish to provide to your visitors
  • Know your target market (Your Audience)
  • Have a plan of action
  • Use a template for your site building
  • Continue to add content , or update what you have on the site for the rest of your life.
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Some Important Things To Know When Creating a Web Site:

  • If you are creating a domain name, it is better to limit your domain name to two or three words.  
  • Do not use hyphens in your domain name.  If you must, use only one
  • Refrain from using numbers in your domain name.
  • Always use keywords of the main page in your title, sub,title and at least three to 4 times in each paragraph. 
  • Submit your site to
  • Use widgets from alexa and use their alexa toolbar
  • Always use google keyword tool and  toolbar
  • Make sure to always check your gramar
  • Check to see how your site looks in all net browsers
  • Create the following pages within your site: 

Below I have placed some awesome books for you to check out to assist you in any extra skills you might require for site building.  It is important that you the web designer know as much as possible before you commence your journey on site building.  With practice, you become better each day.  Check out any of the books listed below by simply CLICKING on them.  

If you follow these steps, you will not only have an amazing page rank, but you would have increased traffic to your site and blow away your competition. 

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