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How To Increase Your Laptop OR PC Memory In Microsoft Windows 7

How To Increase Memory With USB Stick In Windows 7

Learn How Windows 7 Can Save You Time And Money

If you like, you now have the ability to increase your memory for your computer using Windows 7.   USB keys are coming now in big sizes and small packages.  Now that they are so small, you can easily add them to your system and have your memory increased with a couple of clicks.

I'm not sure if this is embarassing or a benefit.  Some people think that if an operating system provides you with the option of being able to increase your memory with a USB key, then you should have nothing to do with that operating system.    However, if you need to say play a game, or work with a heavy application occasionally, this option can save you the headache of opening and installing memory.  In addition, it can save you money and time not needing to go purchase more RAM for your computer and figuring out how to install it either!  

None the less, the idea that Microsoft has provided this option with Windows 7 is phenominal.  Here are the steps to increase your memory using a USB key stick. Please ensure you follwo them to the "T".

  • If you are planning on using a USB key that carries content, it would be wise to store the data on another usb first or use a USB key that currently carries no data.
  • Use Windows 7 - this feature is not available on earlier versions of Microsoft Windows - at least not yet! 
  • If you are using a laptop, I would suggest using the smaller, thumb size USB sticks.  These are great and you need not to worry about bending it should your laptop drop or anything else happening to it.


As you can see above, I have added the 256 MB memory disc to demonstrate this purpose


The following window appears. Click on "Speed up My System".... 


The following screen will appear, asking you how much of the RAM you would like to use from the USB stick..  Once you have selected the amount of memeory you would like to use,  Click on Apply


You will see "ReadyBoost" appear on top


Now your system is using the memeory stick you have entered.   Unfortunately, you will not see the additional memeory added when you look at the memory usage in the "Task Manager".