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This is not to scare you but the first time some people used Linux they understood why people opted for Windows.  Using Windows was so much more straight forward than using Linux.  For one, there was no 'shell' required to do your everyday tasks.  For some, that means programming.  I mean who wants to write 10 lines of code in Linux so that it creats the word "Hi!", right... ? Today, Linux is no where like that.  It may have been for some but never to that extreme.

Today, I question why aren't we ALL using Linux because it has come a very long way from what it used to be.  It is an operating system, just like the Mac OS and Windows.  You can surf on the net, do internet chat, like windows live or windows messenger.  You can do presentations, work with spreadsheets, databases and email!  If you wanted to print out forms, download pictures from your camera or scan documents to a remote fax machine, you can do that to!  Burning movies or music or setting up as a file server is a sinch!

If you find Windows or even the Mac OS easy, then YOU SHOULD look at Linux too!  It is one of the most useful and robust operating systems available for FREE!  Almost impervious to viruses (windows viruses do not affect a Linux computer) AND you get FREE software for it!  Say What??

That's right,  all of the software for Linux is absolutely FREE and the operating system is FREE as well, incase you missed it the first time.  :-)  No more shelling out $99 - $350 for another operating system or being limited to using one license per computer! It is always FREE for you and always has been.  The best part of it is when installing Linux or software for it, there are no more serials required!  Bet you didn't know that!

If you would like to learn more about Linux, just click one of the links on the left.  We cover 7 (soon to be 9)  different desktop operating systems that you can use to your benefit.  We show you how to install each Linux version presented with pictures and easy to follow simply instructions.  If you want to know how to use Linux as a desktop operating system, we will be providing the link for you soon to learn and use the top 3 OS! 

If you want to see how to have it installed on your computer, click on the version of your choice on the left to learn how to install your prefered Linux operating system. Then go ahead and download Linux! There is also a complete list of live CDs for Linux that you may be interested in.  Live CD's allow you to try out the operating system before having to install the OS.  This way, if you dont like what you see, you don't have to worry because you never installed it!  Check them out and then click on some of our other links for some tips and tricks.