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Are You Thinking Of Getting A New Computer Or Reviving An Old PC, But Not Sure Of Which Desktop Operating System You Should Get?

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There are many that are available today, but the main ones that everyone thinks of are Windows, Linux and Mac OS.  The idea is you use which ever allows you to get the job or task accomplished.  the benefit is enitrley how you see it and the advantages are different for each one.  

Windows is well known from Microsoft due in part by the amazing marketing team Microsoft has.     The software is also well known and easy to get.  However, both have a cost.  Sure, there are some that is software open source that you can use for FREE on windows, but if ou want what others are using in the office, you will have to pay for it, both the operating system and software licenses.  

Also, you are provided with a software that can create back up CDs so if you ever have an issue, you can always re-install.  Well what if you want to upgrade to another computer ?  You will NOT be able to install that version of Windows with all of your backed up files to your new computer because of the difference in chipset between the two computers.    You might however, be able to install the system if you get the same brand name system though.  Unfotunately, you are only allowed to install the operating system, twice.

After that - you are screwed.  You will have to contact Microsoft and if they decide that you have already installed it on a system and is trying to install it on another system, you might have to pay for another licnese.  It is also suseptible to bugs, complete system freezing, required antivirus for viruses and easy entrance to hackers.  Today however, security for Windows has gotten a bit better for their OS.

Linux OS can be purchased, but the most you might have to pay for a desktop version of it is about 0$ - $80!  Yes... and for the most part... there might be two or three vendors selling it around that price where support is included.   There are MANY different flavours for the many preferences that computer users may have.  The idea is YOU pick the version of Linux you want and keep upgrading that version on your computer.  Linux is always FREE and the software is also FREE.  

Linux can be installed on any old or new computer systems.  Linux helps you save money.  It is said that Linux is the poor man's operating system.  So if it is, then why is Google and other big corps using Linux?  

Mac OS, can be purchased also from Apple, but mainly is shipped with your system.  Very nice!  however, it cannot be installed on an ordinary computer.  And who would want to anyways... ?  Having said that, Linux and Windows can be installed on a Mac architechture.  

Mac OS is great and extremely easy to use.  Mac OS systems can range anywhere from $1500 - $2800 for a good computer or laptop from Apple.  Just like Apple's iphones, if you want to change anything like the battery, you might have to send in your laptop as to not to void the warranty.  

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