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Welcome to Tips & Tricks.  Here you will find help on Windows and Linux and soon Mac OS X.  Click on the links below to get to the help tips you seek.  

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TRICKS : Windows

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TIPS : Windows

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TRICKS : Linux

Problem : You would like to mount your usb stick or external drive.  How do YOU do it?


    USB Stick: Recently, ( three years ago or so), many linux flavours would be able to see the usb stick as soon as you insert it inside of your usb port.  You shouldn't have any problems seeing it.

External Drive : Recently ( three years ago or so [ i.e debian, fedora, mandrivia] ), there are some linux flavors that would mount  the media in /media.  The best thing to do is to do a mkdir /media/NewName, where New Name would be what you would like to call the device.  Then you would proceed to do the following :

The above example shows that you would use the "-t" to specify the type of file system you are going to use.  You can use "vfat" for a windows file ssystem (FAT16 or FAT32) or use "ntfs-3g"  for the NTFS file system.  Remember, if you format your usb drive as FAT16 or FAT32, it will be easier for you and your Mac OSX or Linux drive to see the data automatically when you connect it.  However, if it were formated in NTFS, you would require to find a package of some sort to support the NTFS file system.   For Mac OS X, you would get it  here.  For debian based linux, you  without the quotations ofcourse :"apt-get install ntfs"   or for Red Hat (now Fedora) based distros,   "yum install ntfs".  Please don't forget you must have admin ( or root )  rights to run these commands.  If you're a part of the group root, you can use 'sudo' infront of your commands.  

Problem : You would like to install an rpm file.  How do YOU do it?


# rpm -ivh RPM-FILE.rpm      <-- 'You must be root'
More of these great tips are soon to come.Check back here frequently!

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